Racing Games

    You dream to become a famous Formula 1 driver or to beat speed records at the wheel of a rally car? Then the racing games are for you! Unleash the power of your car on the most prestigious international circuits, win pole position in the qualifying sessions and lead your race masterfully to be victorious. If you prefer the raw sensations of rally racing, the WRC races will be the scene of merciless confrontations.

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    What are racing games?

    In racing games you will be able to drive virtually any motorized machine to compete against other opponents on specific circuits or courses. Whether at the wheel of a powerful Formula 1 as in the game a href="">Formula Fever or at full speed on the handlebars of your motorcycle, racing games will raise adrenaline and require perfect driving skills to win against the best of your adversaries. Some racing games will be more original and allow you to challenge yourself in a more atypical way, such as in the game Uphill Rush 7 where a huge water park will be your playground on board of giant buoys.

    What is the origin of racing games?

    In the 70s Atari was the first company to massively market video games and after the huge success of Pong the company invented the first racing game called Space Race (or Astro Race). In 1986 arcade players around the world could discover Out Run which was considered the best game of its kind on this platform. Subsequently all generations of consoles have known major racing games such as Mario Kart 64 which allowed everyone to have fun quickly, especially with several friends, thanks to an intuitive gameplay easy to learn. On Snokido you can play many free racing games that will help you improve your riding skills.

    Whar are the different types of racing games?

    Snokido offers many exploration games of different styles including:

    - In motorbike games you will drive ultra-fast two-wheelers, as in Moto Maniac 3, requiring great mastery and perfect riding technique. You can also take the handlebars of motocross on winding and crazy courses.

    - 4x4 games will allow you to get behind the wheel of powerful machines equipped with four-wheel driving so that you can drive on any terrain and overcome all obstacles as in the game Monsters Wheels Special.