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Castle Wars: New Era

Author : RHM Interactive   -   131 943 plays

The assaults on your castle never end and in this 3rd episode of Castle Wars called New Era you will have to defend your fortress with ever more vigor against the invaders, or rather against THE invader, who will generally be a friend of yours! Indeed two players will be able to compete on the same computer and the goal will be to eliminate your adversary by using an array of varied weapons which will be dropped by plane in crates. Each fortress also has a fixed cannon that can send devastating projectiles into the enemy's camp. Castle Wars: New Era also offers two new game modes. In the Mayhem mod players will be standing on a small platform and will have to engage in a ruthless shooting duel. The zombie mode will allow you to face alone or in cooperation waves of terrifying zombies that will sweep over your castle. !


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