War Heroes : France 1944

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War Heroes : France 1944
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 Move     Shoot    c  Crouch     Sprint     Zoom (sniper)    r  Reload    q  Swap weapon    f  Pick up objects
(You can set up control keys in game options)
War Heroes : France 1944Author : ArmorGames  -  33,356 plays  

In the tactical / shooter game War Heroes: France 1944 you play the role of an elite soldier trained to support the Allies landed in France. You can play 4 different roles within your squad, assault soldier, healer, sniper or support. Coordinate your actions precisely with the other members of your team to have a chance of defeat the enemy. A campaign of 10 missions will immerse you in the heart of the battlefields of the Second World War. The freeplay mode will allow you to customize your game and choose your nation (USA, Germany, Russia) and in the zombie mode you will have to survive to continuous waves of undeads.

Shooting War Survival Gore


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    hhhhh se jeux je connais ya 2 ans XD

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    meeeeeeeedic forever

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    My high score is 61 :p THOUGH... It took me over 2 months to actually get good at slope game lucas wilde...

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