Gumball: Pizza-pocalypse

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Gumball: Pizza-pocalypse 2 players Author : Cartoon Network  -   88 373 plays

Fight hard and be ruthless with your opponents in the strategy game Gumball: Pizza-pocalypse. Those who know the game Worms will not be disoriented, Pizza-Pocalypse brilliantly uses the same gameplay as its predecessor but with the characters of The Amazing World of Gumball from Cartoon Network. You control two characters who will play alternately and the goal will be to destroy the opposing team with an impressive array of weapons. Aim accurately and adjust the power of your shot to reach your target and inflict maximum damage. In the story mode you will face the computer in different challenges and with the Versus mode you can confront your friends by playing on the same computer. Fun and laugh will be guaranteed !

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