Naruto Fighting CR

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Player 1 >>    ad  Move    s  Block    j  Attack    k  Jump    u  Skill    i  Roll    j+k  Special    u+i  Power burst
Player 2 >>     Move     Block    1  Attack    2  Jump    4  Skill    5  Roll    1+2  Special    u+i  Power burst
Special Moves >>    s+j    w+j    s+u    w+u
Naruto Fighting CR 2 players Author : Creetor  -   175 129 plays

Which Naruto character is the most powerful? Which ninja will remain unbeaten after fighting in merciless duels? Play with Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura or Kakashi in the fighting game Naruto Fighting CR. In single or in multiplayer against a friend, fight in beautiful scenery and defeat your opponents to have the honor of being the most powerful and most feared ninja. Each of the 4 heroes has its own fighting techniques similar to those of the animated series.

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