Plateform Games

In platform games you will run, jump, slide and browse grandiose worlds full of strange creatures and mysterious secret passages. The most iconic video game characters was born in this mythical video game genre. Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong and many others have experienced exciting adventures and saw their story began in platform games. Find them here discovering or rediscovering retro titles or try the latest games with their colorful world that will delight both young and older children.

What are platform games?

At their beginnings the video games made us most of the time control a hero on a flat screen devoid of obstacle. Then with the appearance of physics in the games our heroes could simply start to jump up on various platforms, which was a revolution and gave its name to a genre of video game. Platform games will therefore offer you to run at full speed, jump, slide and avoid obstacles in levels often with horizontal or vertical linear scrolling. Platform games like Dark Lands for example will ask you for agility and coordination in your actions to cross each level avoiding the many dangers, obstacles or enemies that will be in your way.

What is the origin of platform games?

The history of platform games is extremely rich because it's a genre that has brought many innovations to video games. The first game with worldwide success is Donkey kong, published in 1981 by Nintendo. It was the first platform game whose hero is subjected to gravity. This small revolution will open up infinite possibilities for level-designers in their relation to space for the creation of levels as well as the possibility of interacting with the environment (walking on platforms, climbing ladders for example). Four years later in 1985 a red plumber (who became a huge star) arrived in many homes with the game Super Mario Bros., to the delight of players. There followed a golden age for platform games with great titles such as Sonic The Hedgehog and his famous blue hedgehog or Earthworm Jim and his completely crazy scenario in which the hero was a worm! Cool Spot, Rayman, Crash Bandicoot or more recently Ori and the Blind Forest and Trine are titles that have also marked the history of video games. Snokido offers many free platform games playable for free including retro games but also the best browser games.

What are the different types of platform games?

  • Retro games will make you either relive memories of childhood (for the oldest of you!) or discover cult titles that have captivated generations of players with their innovations and their fabulous worlds to explore. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is one of those titles that have marked the history of video games.
  • Runner games will make you run without ever stopping, dodging, jumping over obstacles and avoiding traps in order to cover the longest distance possible. Hitting the slightest thing will end your frantic race like in the game G-Switch 3.
  • Ninja games will ask you to be agile like a feline, discreet when necessary and quick like lightning to surprise your enemies. In the game Rabbit Samurai 2 for example you will control a ninja rabbit in steep and dangerous levels.

What are the best free platform games?

  1. Vex 5
  2. G-Switch 3
  3. Money Movers 3
  4. Vex 4
  5. Draw Climber