League of Stickman

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Joueur 1 >>    ad  Move    j  Attack    uiol  Skill    F1  Resurect
Joueur 2 >>     Move    1  Attack    3456  Skill    F2  Resurect
League of Stickman 2 players Author : 4399  -   182 843 plays

Summoners, welcome to League of Stickman, a beat'em all based on the popular universe of League of Legends. Alone or with a friend (both on the same computer), you can play as Garen the robust warrior, Master Yi the blind ninja, Wukong the monkey and Yasuo the agile swordsman. Battle hordes of demonic minions and fight against terrifying bosses in 30 epic levels, use the special techniques of your heroes to triumph. At first only one character will be available but with the gold earned during your adventures, it will be possible to buy or rent 3 other champions. A daily gold bonus and a lottery will increase your winnings. Your characters also gain experience and levels during the fightings, which will make them stronger.

Fighting Beatem up Heroes


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