Naruto Mini

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Player 1 >>    g  Left    h  Down    j  Right    y  Up    a  Punch    z  Kick    e  Special    j+j+a  Power Attack    h+j+e  Ultra
Player 2 >>     Left     Down     Right     Up    2  Punch    3  Kick    9  Special    ++2  Power Attack    ++9  Ultra
Naruto Mini 2 players Author : NarutoMini  -   252 673 plays

Naruto Mini is a project carried out by a French team of combat game lovers. Rediscover the universe and characters of Naruto in this dynamic, lively and extremely well-made fighting game. Choose from the 9 characters and 4 different gaming modes on offer: versus, training, story mode and survival mode. In versus mode, 2 can play on the same computer.

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