Naruto Ninja World Storm 2

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Player 1 >>    ad  Move    s  Block    w  Shakra    ju  Attack    k  Jump    l  Dodge    i  Ninjutsu    o  Support
Player 2 >>     Move     Block     Shakra    14  Attack    2  Jump    3  Dodge    5  Ninjutsu    6  Support
Special moves >>    s+j    w+j    s+u    w+u    s+i    w+i
Naruto Ninja World Storm 2 2 players Author : 4399  -   1 222 229 plays

In this second instalment of Naruto Ninja World Storm, some characters have been replaced by others, so try your hand at fighting with the new famous faces from the series. The game now includes Sasuke, Yamato, Sai, Kabuto, Orochimaru, Neji and Goku Naruto. The gaming modes are the same, so choose between challenging the computer or a friend, with 2 playing on the same computer.
Note: A,S,D,W to select a character | J to confirm | Esc to cancel.

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