Super Smash Flash 2

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Super Smash Flash 2 Online Multiplayer Author : McLeod Gaming  -   5 948 755 plays

Released after over 2 years of development, Super Smash Flash 2 just gets better and better with this SSF2 v0.9b version. Continue the fight with Naruto, Goku, Link, Pikachu, Sonic, Mario and many more, with an extra 3 playable characters to swell the ranks too (Marth, Zero Suit Samus and Chibi-Robo). Check out the new special modes (turbo, mini, vampire and mega) and character alignments as well. But what makes this version really special is its online mode, where you can take on other players. You dreamt it, McleodGaming did it!

Fighting Anime Heroes Arena Mario Naruto Dragon Ball Sonic