Zombie and Juliet

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Zombie and Juliet  Author : Elven Games  -   20 943 plays

The death of Romeo has completely devastated the sweet Juliet. She was desperate to reconnect with his love, even to make a pact with a demon to resurrect Romeo. The demon Balthazar proposed a cruel dilemma to Juliet. She will have to fight hordes of monsters and zombies to reach up the Underworld Lord and also to kill him. If Juliet dies, then Romeo also dies, but if she succeed, the two lovers will be forced to serve Balthasar for 3 long years. Initially your heroine is frail and fragile, but with his experience in combat she can improve its powers. The souls collected on his enemies can be used to buy ever more powerful weapons. Is the love will triumph?

Fighting Beatem up Zombie Survival Fantasy