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Boxing Stars

Author : Inlogic Software   -   45 539 plays

Start a boxing career and prove your worth fighting against numerous opponents in the game Boxing Stars. Choose your character, customize it and enter the ring to play your first underground fights and earn some money. Hit your opponent with a direct punch and backhand punch to try to break his guard. Move around the ring to always keep the right distance and try to block attacks so as not to take a hit. The winner of the match will be the boxer who has the most life left at the end of the round or the one who has knocked out his opponent. The money earned during your fights will be used for two things, to improve the characteristics of your boxer (power, defense, health and regeneration) but also to unlock new game modes which will allow you to develop your career. Indeed after the clandestine fights you can become a professional boxer and be part of a boxing club, participate in tournaments and even a seasonal championship in which the defeat will be crippling.


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