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The Brawl All Stars
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The Brawl All Stars

Author : Brutal Studio   -   43 131 plays

Who has never secretly dreamed of punching Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Psy, Rihanna or Kim Jong-un in the face? Thank goodness that The Brawl All Stars is here! Get stuck into a series of fights against the greatest "stars" of the day! Punch them without fear or favour and don’t lose any sleep over ruining their good looks. Dodge their attacks as well to keep your health bar high. This is the perfect game to let off steam as you click like crazy to brawl with the stars. But of course, as confirmed by the game’s creators, the scenes depicted in this game are the stuff of parody and should not be taken seriously!


  • snoki


    2th comment and bad game mad dribble doubt

    3 years ago -

  • snoki


    (first comment) im vegito super blue

    3 years ago -

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