Hobo 7 Heaven

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Hobo 7 Heaven
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Hobo 7 HeavenAuthor : Seething Swarm | ArmorGames  -  148,457 plays  

Finally, after having beaten Satan in the previous episode, Hobo now finds himself sound asleep at the foot of a tree, next to the gates of Heaven. Is this the end of his journey and his first step towards redemption? No! Not at all, Heaven is off-limits for tramps, but Hobo won’t take that lying down! As ever, his aim is entirely ransack the place and use his filthy techniques to knock the socks off of the guardian angels. But God is determined to protect his little corner of paradise, so prepare yourself for an epic battle to conclude the series!

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  • snoki


    it gross but fun

    1 month ago - Report

  • snoki


    moostafessam known as XxzeredragenIT_TxX I have roblox too Boy its so good also hope your intenet gets bigger and strong

    1 month ago - Report

  • snoki


    im call to any one this game this game so suck guys [first comment] XD my name in roblox XxzeredragnelT_TxX and any one play roblox and he my friend im here and to all my friends at roblox i ill dont play roblox as my internet so slow and i wait here to call this THX! sad unhappy

    5 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    hard damn

    8 months ago - Report

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