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Last Horizon

Author : Pixeljam   -   39 383 plays

Explore the outer reaches of space in search of a new living world in the minimalist exploration game Last Horizon. As the only survivor of humanity, you will have to pilot your spaceship to find a planet that is similar to the earth and can accommodate life. Your fuel and oxygen will be limited, so it will be necessary to make stops on various stars to reconstitute stockpiles but also harvest precious materials that will serve for your future colony. To orient yourself in the immensity of space your radar will be a valuable tool by indicating you the direction of planets close to you. Last Horizon offers a captivating adventure, minimalist and elegant graphics and more than an hour of relaxing music.


  • snoki


    me and my friends started a how many planets can you kill challenge lol, great game

    1 month ago -

  • snoki



    2 months ago -

  • snoki


    I remember this game was on and has memories for me. Thank you for reminding me of this game, it means a lot.

    4 months ago -

  • snoki


    first evil evil

    6 months ago -

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