Mine Blocks 2

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Mine Blocks 2
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Mine Blocks 2Author : ZanzLanz -  36,360 plays  

Explore an infinite world, try to survive and then build a house or even a huge city in the game Mine Blocks 2. You will have total control over huge cards generated randomly at each game. The complete crafting system will allow you to give free rein to your imagination to construct the craziest structures or dig the earth to explore the depths of your world and find incredible treasures. Accessing the most valuable resources will be a necessity for forging powerful weapons and armor and thus facing the most dangerous monsters. Mine Blocks 2 is still in the Alpha phase and many new features are coming (multiplayer, new worlds and a modding interface).

Exploration Survival Building Pixel art Destruction


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  • snoki



    1 month ago - Report

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    so cool

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    cool normal cool bloody

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    It's slow and laggy.

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    i can't belive it!

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