Schmuck'em Chuck'em Robots

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Schmuck'em Chuck'em Robots
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Schmuck'em Chuck'em RobotsAuthor : Guy Unger -  3,822 plays  

Unit-02 and his robot gang have taken over the electronic warehouse. Take back control in the side-scrolling fighting game Schmuck'em Chuck'em Robots. Use punches to damage and destroy enemy robots, and use your dash to dodge hits and have a better placement to fight. Each destroyed enemy will drop a few bolts on the ground which will be used to repair the damage of your robot. Try to pass all the levels and get to Unit-02 the final boss of the game, defeat him to regain control of the electronic warehouse and succeed in your mission. Schmuck'em Chuck'em Robots is a game created for Newgrounds Robot Day 2020.

Fighting Beatem up


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