Sift Heads Cartels

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Sift Heads Cartels  Author : Pyrozen   -   52,804 plays

This first instalment of Sift Heads Cartels really does hit the ground running! Vinnie is at death’s door, imprisoned in the boot of a car that is slowly slinking to the bottom of the sea. But Vinnie is a tough nut and this little hiccough won’t stop him completing his mission. With a little help from his brother, Kiro, Vinnie is about to wage total war on the Italian mafia and try to find out what happened to his lifelong partner, Shorty. Hunt down those criminals and make them pay for all of the atrocities you have had to endure!

Stickman Gangster Stealth Gore Shooting


smile wink happy waii rofl cool love evil greedy dribble baffle sad unhappy sure doubt mad razz bye evil bloody sick
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  • snoki


    love the game. been playing it my whole life

    2 weeks ago - Report

  • snoki


    LLame pase el juego hoy {LOL}

    2 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    bug fix one hour shoot the men **** you and **** me bloody bloody bloody

    6 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    first good game love it

    11 months ago - Report

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