Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween
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Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween

Developer: 3way Interactive   -   18 025 plays

In the shooter Zombie Clash 3D: Halloween the Harlequins will face the Undead in intense and bloody battles in a disused amusement park. Hunt down the zombies with your team and eliminate them to score points, find the scarecrow and bring it back to your base to get even more point. The objective will also be to try to stay alive as long as possible to not give points to the opposing team. The duration of a match is 3mn30, the victorious team will be the one with the most points at the end of the allotted time. Basically you will have a shotgun as a weapon but on the map you can find a crossbow, more effective at long range, as well as various bonuses that will give you speed or health regeneration advantages. Each games played will also earn you stars, you can use it to improve your character's characteristics or purchase cosmetic items in the store.


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