DBZ Battle

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DBZ Battle
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Player 1 >>    ad  Move    j  Attack    k  Jump    l  Energy    uio  Special attacks    w+w  Fly    s+d+j  Power Ball
Player 2 >>     Move    1  Attack    2  Jump    3  Energy    456  Special attacks    +  Fly    ++1  Power Ball
DBZ Battle 2 players Author : Awu  -   1 008 966 plays

Dragon Ball Z Battle is the sequel of the fighting game series Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting. In this new episode a new character is introduced: Captain Ginyu, the faithful lieutenant of the terrifying Freezer. But the big novelty is the appearance of two specific stories modes. The first one retraces the epic of Goku in Dragon Ball, in particular the pursuit of dragon balls. The second story mode allows us to take part in the adventures of Freezer, which is the first part of the Dragon Ball Z series. It is also possible to play at two players in thrilling duels.

Note : A,S,D,W = Character select | J = Confirm

Fighting Anime Dragon Ball Heroes


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  • snoki



    il y a 1 mois - Signal

  • snoki


    el juego es cool cool cool cool

    il y a 1 mois - Signal

  • snoki


    bloody la batalla 1 contra nadie es infinita

    il y a 2 mois - Signal

  • snoki


    so boring doubt

    il y a 3 mois - Signal

  • snoki


    AMEINZG i cant do kamehameha! :( but the games its EPIC AMEZING

    il y a 4 mois - Signal

  • snoki


    game is sp trash. com ki blast does 75% of your health p's does 5% of the com's health mad mad mad

    il y a 5 mois - Signal

  • snoki


    hola amigos love love

    il y a 6 mois - Signal

  • snoki


    vali vrg doubt sure doubt

    il y a 6 mois - Signal

  • snoki


    best game ever

    il y a 7 mois - Signal

  • snoki


    cool game

    il y a 8 mois - Signal

  • snoki


    ha ha hahahahahaha ai am goku black

    il y a 9 mois - Signal

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