Donald Trap

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Donald Trap  Author : Broken Arms Inc  -   8 733 plays

Fight for your survival in the shooting game Donald Trap. In this year 2029 the earth is nothing but ruin, after 8 consecutive financial crisis the world has become completely mad! But in New York, some intrepid humans continue to fight to stay alive, and this is the case of Donald Trap. Armed with powerful guns he will have to kill traders zombie who have multiplied by the thousands. You will have to climb the floors of a huge building in the heart of the city one by one and survive as long as possible to try to reach the summit (if there is one!).

Credits : Thomas Baron - Programmation / Sylvain Guerrero - Programmation,FX / Mojo - 2D artist / nonamenosocks - 2D artist,Animation / Grizzly Cogs - Music,Sound-design

Shooting Shootem up Zombie Gore Survival Pixel art