Irrational Karate

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Joueur 1 >>     Move    s  Kick    a  Quick Attack    w  Heavy Attack
Joueur 2 >> Joypads needed (One per player)
Irrational Karate 2 players Author : Never Rest Studio  -   23 655 plays

Developed for the Bitgem Game Jam # 9, Irrational Karate is, according to its creator, a fighting game for players who love beat'em up but have never been very good for this type of game! The fights against AI will introduce you to the game and will help you to learn and master the different controls and combos. But for the owners of joypads, the real interest of Irrational Karate will be revealed thanks to multiplayer fights in which two players will be able to fight on the same screen. Fun guaranteed!

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