Jump Jousts Jam
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Jump Jousts Jam

Author : Cartoon Network   -   9 730 plays

With Jump Jousts Jam you will be able to fight alongside your favorite CN heroes and show off all your technique to defeat the formidable opponents who will challenge you. In "Arcade" or "Versus" mode (2 players), you can choose from 10 well-known characters, including Bugs Bunny and Shaggy (Scooby-Doo) as new additions to this episode. The fights will be tactical and it will be possible to perform a two hit combo, unique to each character. Two additional game modes can be unlocked. In the "training laboratory", you can learn to perfectly master the characters by viewing the hit boxes of each fighter. The last mode to unlock is "Endless" mode, the objective will be to survive as long as possible and win as many matches as possible. The regeneration of life bar between fights will be limited and you will have to chain fights with great mastery to stay alive. Endless mode is unlocked by completing Arcade mode with each character.


  • snoki


    kelsey and finn try it there broken and honerble mention bugs bunny and shaggy

    1 week ago -

  • snoki


    this is my first time playing this game so good luck for me

    4 weeks ago -

  • snoki


    i picked 5.0.5 and finn

    4 weeks ago -

  • snoki


    whats new scooby doo

    4 weeks ago -

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