Rabbids Wild Race

Developer: Ubisoft Nano   -   39 700 plays

Rabbits, jet packs, wacky trials, welcome to Rabbids Wild Race, the Raving Rabbids racing game! Fly as far as you can and collect stars before other players, dodge death traps and other rabid rabbits, if you hit them it will end your run. The competition will be in full swing between all the Rabbids and often it will be the crush to collect the gold coins and stars. Use your Jet Pack to avoid traps while being careful of collisions with the other players and try to cover the longest distance possible to win the race. You can also run on the ground, this will allow you to go a little faster, if there is no danger obviously! You will be able to unlock many costumes in the store for your Rabbid, there are dozens of hats, clothes and glasses.


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