Bnobdsy 1.3

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Player 1 >>    ad  Move    s  Defense    j  Attack    k  Jump    l  Dodge    uio  Special attacks    p  Support
Player 2 >>     Move     Defense    1  Attack    2  Jump    3  Dodge    456  Special attacks    9  Support
Bnobdsy 1.3 2 players Author : 4399  -   999 371 plays

The fighting game Bnobdsy 1.3 offers to players an incredible cast of playable characters with heroes from 37 different animated series like Bleach, Death Note, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh !, One Piece, Dragon Ball and many others. Bnobdsy offers fast and dynamic confrontations and each character have his own techniques and a unique fighting style. You can discover all of this by playing alone in the challenge mode or by challenging a friend with the 2 player mode.

Fighting Anime Naruto One Piece Dragon Ball Heroes