Regular Show: Fist Punch

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Regular Show : Fist Punch
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Joueur 1 >>     Move    m  Attack    n  Charge    n+n  Combos
Joueur 2 >>     Move    x  Attack    z  Charge    z+z  Combos
(Keys can be changed in game options)
Regular Show: Fist Punch 2 players Author : Cartoon Network  -   366 660 plays

It was a day like any other for Mordecai and Rigby, the two heroes of Regular Show. They were quietly drinking a hot drink in the coffee shop of the corner when suddenly The Night Owl landed and captured the waitress to add her in his museum like a normal work of art. Mordecai and Rigby cannot stand idly by, but they will need your help to rescue the waitress. Playing at one or 2 players, you will fight very many enemies, punch and kick them but also beat them by performing devastating combos. Regular Show - Fist Punch is a beat'em up that offers 3 different levels with hundreds of opponents to fight.

Fighting Beatem up Heroes


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