Regular Show - Fist Punch 2

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Player 1 ->     Move    k  Jump    l  Attack    k+l  Special
Player 2 ->     Move    g  Jump    f  Attack    f+g  Special
Regular Show - Fist Punch 2 2 players Author : Cartoon Network  -   108 836 plays

Ribgy and Mordecai, the two heroes of the Regular Show will still have to show all their talents to carry out a new mission of the utmost importance. In the fighting / beat'em up game Fist Punch 2 you will battle against Punks, Evil Unicorns, Demonic destroyers and many other dangerous creatures. Hit with your fists and foots, take and use the weapons of your enemies and perform devastating special attacks to beat the toughest enemies and the many bosses of the game. No less than 30 places can be visited in a long and rich adventure !

Fighting Beatem up Heroes