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Author : Other Ocean Interactive  -   5 647 plays

Diebrary is a fast-paced roguelike that will immerse you in a world filled with monsters, magic and secrets to discover. Survive thanks to your reflexes and powerful powers, eliminate hundreds of monsters and gain experience to improve your skills. Dozens of powers and upgrades can be combined, allowing you to create personalized builds based on your gameplay preferences. The adventure is divided into several chapters, each of them will offer you its share of missions to accomplish and bosses to defeat. During your progress you will collect different currencies to unlock "perks" that will definitively improve your character as well as other weapons which will completely change the gameplay. There are also two other heroes to unlock! You can play a story solo, find stories online to play with other players, or invite one or more friends to play your story by sharing your ID. Diebrary is a rich game offering numerous gameplay possibilities, dozens of evolutions for your heroes as well as plot twists which will completely change the rest of the chapters and the story.


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