FNF Corruption Takeover
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FNF Corruption Takeover

Developer: PieDaDude  -   1 300 531 plays

An atmosphere of apocalypse and corruption still strikes the world of Friday Night Funkin'! In the mod FNF Corruption Takeover, Boyfriend and Girlfriend didn't survive and were infected with Corruption. It all begins during a first rap battle against Lemon Monster, the song "Frosbite" will gradually transform our famous hero into a creature suffering from a strange disease. It's then that Pico, Nene and Skid will want to "help" Boyfriend and put an end to this evil through music. A series of rap battles will then begin during the first week comprising three songs. The first challenge will oppose Pico (accompanied by Nene and Skid) against Boyfriend on the song "Loaded". In addition to the sustained rhythm of the music, you will have to dodge the bullets from Pico's gun! Hope will be reborn during the second song "Unable", the corruption will seem to disappear from Boyfriend as the song progresses. But unfortunately the evil is much more powerful and it's during the last rap battle on "One Shot" that the story will end, for better or for worse!

Songs list:
Frostbite - Loaded - Unable - One Shot

Director, main artist: PieDaDue
Programmer, animator: Kazzyrus / Programmeur : Spring
Musicians: AzuriParker - MarStarBro - Y_F_MUS
Charters: Cloudy - niffirg / Voices: BigWes99

You can download FNF Corruption Takeover from the Original mod page.


  • Friday Night Funkin'
  • FNF Funkadelix
  • FNF Hit Single Real (Silly Billy)
  • FNF Indie Cross
  • FNF Vs. Mario's Madness V2
  • FNF Vs. Impostor
  • FNF Vs. Gorefield V2
  • FNF Vs. Lobotomy Dash: Fire in The Hole
  • FNF Vs. Sonic.Exe
  • FNF Vs. Whitty
  • FNF Rivals
  • FNF The Tricky Mod
  • FNF Pibby: Apocalypse
  • FNF Vs. CatNap V2
  • FNF We Become What We Funk
  • FNF: The Amazing Digital Funkin
  • FNF Vs. Snoopy: Funkin Peanuts
  • FNF Baddies
  • FNF Vs. Garcello
  • FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse
  • FNF: Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses
  • Friday Night Funkin' HD
  • FNF: Pibby Corrupted
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  • FNF: Friends to Your End
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