Anime Battle 2.1

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Anime Battle 2.1 2 players Author : 4399  -   1 536 640 plays

Each update of the famous fighting game is an opportunity to improve further the quality of the title and this version of Anime Battle 2.1 brings major additions to the game. Many characters have been added or changed. Among them we note the apparition of Itachi Uchiwa, Hinata Hyuga and Obito Uchiwa from Naruto series and the addition of Brook, the strange skeletal pirate from One Piece. But that's not all, you can play with Nami and Roronoa Zoro in their version two years later, and with White Ichigo from Bleach (in his Zangetsu mode, Spirit of Zanpakutô). The combat system has also been improved.

Note : A,S,D,W = Select character | J = Confirm | Escape = Cancel

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