Dragon Fist 3D

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Player 1 >>    ad  Move    w  Jump    s  Block    i/k  Punch    o/l  Kick    i+o  Special
Player 2 >>     Move     Jump     Block    1/4  Punch    2/5  Kick    4+5  Special
Dragon Fist 3D 2 players Author : Ben Olding Games  -   31 454 plays

Become a master of martial arts and particularly in Kung Fu with the fighting game Dragon Fist 3D. 14 characters will be available initially, each with their own fighting style and unique special moves. Some will specialize in kicking, the other in punch etc. 4 hidden characters will be unlockable after completing certain objectives. Many game modes are available including the possibility to fight at two players on the same computer.

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